You packed your things in a carpetbag

Left and never looking back

Rings on your fingers, paint on your toes

Music wherever you go

You don't fit in a smalltown world

But I feel you're the girl for me

Rings on your fingers, paint on your toes

You're leaving town where nobody knows

You can win if you want

If you want it, you will win

On your way you will see that life is more than fantasy

Take my hand, follow me

Oh, you've got a brand new friend for your life

You can win if you want

If you want it you will win

Oh, come on, take a chance for a brand new wild romance

Take my hand for the night

And your feelings will be right, hold me tight

Oh, darkness finds you on your own

Endless highways keep on rolling on

You're miles and miles from your home

But you never want to phone your home

A steady job and a nice young man

Your parents had your future planned

Rings on your finger, paint on your toes

That's the way your story goes


  • دانلود + ادامه مطلب (منبع اصلی)
  • کلمات کلیدی: your ,want ,will ,life ,take ,toes ,your toes ,your home ,fingers paint ,your fingers ,your fingers paint
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